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Palo Alto, California


Therapeutic Services (counseling and yoga therapy) by Sharon Darby Lindsay in the Bay Area, California

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In all the work I do with my clients, I combine a Client-Centered (Rogerian) approach with yoga-based movement, breath work, imagery, and thoughtful dialogue. I am also practised in other techniques and philosophical approaches including cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), and Anthroposophy. Together we can find the most ideal therapeutic approach for you. 



Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

This is a self - directed practice wherein I support you, through gentle yoga postures and non - judgmental, dialogue, to reach a state of deep presence and self awareness. In this experience of embodied presence you will find peace and calm, and integrate new insights and understandings you can use to improve your life. PRYT leaves the course of therapy in your hands, where it belongs. Be prepared to experience a deep centeredness that will open up new doors of understanding in your life. 

75 - Minute session, $100

Alternatively, I offer a discount for your commitment to multiple sessions:

In this case, 4 Sessions for $300


5 - Session Package, $400


PRYT Sessions for Children (Yoga 4 Youth)

Similar to the standard phoenix-rising style of sessions, but tailored to fit your child's personality and needs.

45  -Min Session, $75


Tuned in For Life -  for Children with ADD

Individual sessions and group classes which use the mind-body connection to focus on helping your child who struggles with ADD, ADHD or mild attentional challenges They will gradually fine-tune and focus his/her energy, allowing him/her to "tune in to tuning out" and build skills for life.

5-30 minute individual sessions, $200; followed by group classes held weekly 45-min sessions, $25 each


Mind - Body Counselling

This is best described as traditional talk-therapy only deeper and much more effective, as you will experience moments of  full-body presence and awareness during the session, through techniques such as guided meditations and awareness checks. The session, which is gently counselor led, will help you to gain a deeper and more authentic understanding of your own life challenges.

1 - hour Session, $100

4 - Session Discount, $300 

5 - Session Prepaid, $375 


Mind - Body Coaching

A Step by step strategy, where you will identify what's most important to you in your life, and your next steps for a meaningful life and career. The key ingredient: Mindfulness

1 - Hour Session, $85

5 - Session Prepaid, $375


Mind - Body Family Counselling

Your love each other and you want to have the most harmonious family/couple experience you can achieve. The key is to be truly present to each other and each person's needs. Through mindfulness exercises and deep presence, you can reach a harmonious and evolving understanding of your relationship dynamics.

75 - Minute Session, $150