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Therapeutic Services (counseling and yoga therapy) by Sharon Darby Lindsay in Los Gatos, California


Embodied Presence in Therapy

At Threefold Therapy, clients heal their mind, body, and spirit as a whole, not in fragmented pieces. Through "embodied presence" clients are able to explore and understand what really matters to them, and to heal mind and body as one. This therapeutic practice of combining body-mind psychology with the ancient practice of yoga is called Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy or PRYT. 

PRYT is fundamentally different from both traditional talk therapy (which focuses primarily on the mind) and yoga therapy (which focuses primarily on the body), yet it utilizes aspects of both to support the whole person to heal and grow through trauma, pain, anxiety and worry, relationship issues, and other life challenges. 

If you're wondering why you might choose PRYT over traditional talk therapy, consider the following fundamental differences:

Fact #1: Most of us spend a lot of time in our minds - analyzing, regretting, or simply replaying the past, or planning and worrying about the future. Rarely do we take time to be present to...the present, which is ironic because ultimately our present is all we really have, and it is ripe with wisdom.

At Threefold Therapy, clients use sessions to take stock of their whole present state - mind, body and spirit - and to connect to their inner wisdom through their own path, rather than a prescribed agenda for change.

While a traditional therapist might challenge clients' long-held beliefs and suggest altering them or learning strategies for suppressing them; at Threefold Therapy, sessions are client-led and clients decide what is serving them in their lives and what is not. 

Fact #2: In our society, our bodies are often forgotten until we experience pain or illness. We then treat our bodies like we treat our minds - like separate entities. We go to the doctor, take medications, or receive other treatments for the body. While it is necessary at times to tend to the physical in this way, it is important to note that rarely do we look for a connection between what is going on in our bodies and what is going on in the rest of our lives. 

At Threefold Therapy, clients learn how the mind, body, and spirit are interconnected.  Our bodies hold wisdom about every experience we have ever had. Our bodies hold emotional memories that are often expressed as physical issues that trouble us. When we tune into them, our bodies are wonderful resources for deepening our understanding of our selves, our needs, and our unresolved issues. Our bodies can provide us with amazing insights if we tune into them. Clients at Threefold Therapy learn to tune into their bodies and listen to them in the present moment as an essential part of their therapeutic work. Although not a replacement for a medical professional, exploring holistically in this way, can even help alleviate some physical symptoms for some clients.

Fact #3: We spend so much of our lives in modern society feeling stressed, tired, worried and unwell. Many of us also feel a sense of isolation and hopelessness that we struggle to find the antidote for. We may "medicate" with drugs and alcohol, and even media - anything that takes us away from our discomfort and worry for awhile. Unfortunately, those strategies also take us further away from understanding and healing ourselves.   

At Threefold Therapy, clients find a personal oasis; a break from their stressful lives to tune in completely and experience a profound sense of peacefulness in the present moment. They reenter their lives feeling a renewed sense of hope, calmness and clarity that they can carry with them into their daily lives. Clients more aware of the present moment throughout their days, allowing a more connected and rich existence to emerge.  

"Neuroscience research shows that the only way we can change the way we feel is by becoming aware of our inner experience and learning to befriend what is going on inside ourselves." Trauma Specialist Bessel van dear Kolk, MD

What are Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy sessions like?

In my sessions, clients are moving - a little or a lot, depending on their needs, resting in supported yoga postures, and talking/sharing as they see fit. Through non-directive questioning and movement based on yogic knowledge of the mind-body connection, clients explore as they need and want to in that moment - no judgment, no analysis, and no prescriptions. Clients get to be their "real selves."  They share what comes up and experience what it's like to be fully seen, without judgment.

Through embodied presence, my clients take in what is going on inside them in a Threefold way  - body, mind, and emotions/spirit. Often sessions help them really get to the root of what's going on in their lives by allowing them the space to be present to what is happening in that moment and listening to the wisdom that mindfulness allows. Other times clients choose to just be in the present moment, taking in a profound sense of peacefulness and calm. As soon clients are present and tuned into mind, emotion, and body, what really matters the most rises to the surface and I'm there with them to help facilitate the journey of exploration that comes. Other times clients choose to just be in the present moment, taking in a profound sense of peacefulness and calm that comes from being fully present.

In my work, as a trained Counselling Psychologist and Certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, I utilize my combined experience and training to support people in dealing with Trauma, Anxiety and Panic, Attention/Focusing Issues, Unresolved Past Experiences, and Relationship Challenges. Here's some more information about my background

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Sessions include both non-directive talk therapy and supported yoga postures

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Sessions include both non-directive talk therapy and supported yoga postures



Perhaps you've gone to talk therapy sessions before but felt that something was missing,  or it just didn't seem to work for you.  Maybe you've attended a yoga class and felt strong emotions coming up to the surface and been curious about why they were there. Possibly you are someone whose tried many things to heal your physical body but nothing has seemed like quite the right solution. Or, maybe you are simply tired of everyone telling you what the "right" thing to do is.

In a PRYT session, you will be in dialogue with me, while doing gentle yoga postures. That combination allows you to be in touch with your whole self and allows you to pay attention to, and in some cases figure out, what you want/need to heal or move forward on in your life   My approach takes the most powerful aspects of traditional therapy and combines them with powerful mindfulness techniques that help you to tap into the wisdom of the body. I will support you to become present to your whole self, allowing you will access insights into your mind, body and emotion that you never dreamed possible. 

Given my diverse background, you have many options for approaching therapy with me. Read more about your choices here.