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Therapeutic Services (counseling and yoga therapy) by Sharon Darby Lindsay in the Bay Area, California

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FROM SURVIVE TO THRIVE: 8 Week group experience

This supportive and safe group experience will change your life!

We explore a new theme each week through gentle yoga and other movement, meditation, quiet reflection, and group experiences. As you journey through these themes, your understanding of your WHOLE SELF will deepen, and you will reconnect to what really matters to you in your life. 

Groups Include:

Eight Weeks of Two Hours Classes

Full-Day Silent Retreat

Access to one free one -on-one session with me, any time while the group is running

Next Group will be May 11 - June 22, celebration on July 13, silent retreat will be held in late May

Week 1: May 11 - Befriending Your Body

Week 2: May 18 - Awareness

Week 3: May 25 - Acceptance

Week 4: June 1 - Choice

Week 5: June 11- Discernment

Week 6: June 18 -Truth/Truth in Action

Week 7: June  25 -Flow

Week 8:  July 13 - Check-in and Celebration

Each class will include exercises and movements that focus on the theme for the week. We will engage in embodied movement, including yoga; silent and guided meditation; and time integrating what you notice about yourself and your life, in relation to the theme.


What distinguishes this group from other yoga or meditation classes is a focus on doing things mindfully. Each week you will be asked to notice what happens moment to moment in your mind, body, and heart. It is through this dedicated attention to yourself that you will become more clear about the choices you are making in your life, and through this awareness begin to make new choices.

                         GROUP GOALS:

To create a mindful yoga practice you can incorporate into your life

To help you become aware of what is happening in your life and what needs to change

To support you to bring greater clarity and direction to your life

To live more mindfully and healthfully, in response to the choices you make

To enjoy the supportive and inspirational atmosphere of being a part of a group


Is this a better alternative to traditional psychotherapy?  YES, it could be! An 8 week yoga therapy class has been proven in studies to be more effective than cognitive behavioral talk therapy! Check out this article


Stop just "getting through" your life, and thrive. Be heard and witnessed by yourself and others, in a unconditionally accepting environment! 

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Yoga Therapy Group In Meditation

Yoga Therapy Group In Meditation

Small Group (Dyad) Exploration

Small Group (Dyad) Exploration



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