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Los Gatos, California


Therapeutic Services (counseling and yoga therapy) by Sharon Darby Lindsay in Los Gatos, California


About me

Sharon Darby Lindsay 

M.Sc. Counselling Psychology

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist

Certified EMDR Practitioner


A Deeper look:

Masters of Science in Counselling Psychology - I have been a therapist/counsellor for 20 years and have supported many people on their paths - adults, children, adolescents, and families

Yogi - My yoga practice has been an integral part of my entire adult life. My practice of yoga is not simply an athletic endeavour but a spiritual one too, as yoga has always been intended. My yoga path has helped me to cultivate awareness  and mindfulness in myself, and my life path, as well as planting the seeds for providing unconditional acceptance of others as they walk their own paths. 

Parenthood - Parenting my three beautiful and amazing children has enriched my life beyond words. Through both rough terrain and rich soil this journey has embued me with inspiration and a true appreciation of what's happening now in life. Each of my children is like a unique flower in the garden of life, as is each one of us, and each one of us should be honored for our unique and beautiful qualities. This honoring I bring to my therapeutic work with others. 

Bloom Where You Are Planted - As a transplanted Canadian now living  in California, I know all about transitions and change. It can be a blessing if we thrive in our new soil, but can also be a challenge to adapt to our new conditions. Nothing is more powerful for getting us back to the roots of self than therapeutic experiences that guides us to our inner wisdom through our bodies.

Please read my BLOG for more insights into the work I do, my philosophies, and maybe some inspiration and insight.