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Palo Alto, California


Therapeutic Services (counseling and yoga therapy) by Sharon Darby Lindsay in the Bay Area, California


About Sharon, owner and therapist of Threefold Therapy

Sharon Darby Lindsay 

M.Sc. Counselling Psychology, University of Calgary, 1994

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, 2014

Phoenix Rising Group Facilitator, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, 2017

Sharon has been a therapist supporting adults and children for more than 20 years. This has included working in Canada as a Licensed Psychologist in educational and private practice settings. Since moving to the California, Sharon has pursued both her private practice work, but also personal and professional development. She took her love and study of Yoga, and began to explore the connection between being Embodied (connected to one's physical being) and healing mentally and emotionally. This led her to Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy training, which has been her pursuit and professional focus for the past 3 years.

Sharon's philosophy for healing:

"Bringing the body into emotional healing just makes sense. Our bodies are with us every step of every day of our lives; they hold stress, emotion, and trauma that we have yet to work through.  As human beings we hold great personal wisdom that we can only access when we connect to ourselves in a holistic way - body, mind, and soul. That's the philosophy behind my practice "Threefold Therapy." Leaving the body out of therapy is like leaving an essential ingredient out of a recipe - it may still result in something but it's not nearly what it could be."